Ja Rule. (Julio Cortez/AP)

Wait. What?

You see, the rapper, who is serving two concurrent sentences for gun possession and unpaid taxes, has made some new friends at the Mid-State Correctional Facility. Buddies, Ja Rule said, he wouldn’t have met on the “outside”: Alan Hevesi and Dennis Kozowski.

Hevesi is an ex-New York City comptroller serving time for corruption charges. Kozowski is a former Tyco CEO convicted of stealing money from the company. “They’re both great, smart guys,” Ja Rule told the Daily News.

From Kozowski, Ja Rule got some stock tips and help studying for his GED. He talks politics with Hevesi.

In news that is, I’m sure, unrelated to the timing of these headline grabbing quotes, Ja Rule‘s next album — “Pain Is Love 2” — will be released later this month. Watch him talk about the record below.