Bear Grylls and Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Wild. (VIA DISCOVERY CHANNEL)

Fan-tastic. Because here’s a clip of that very thing, courtesy of the upcoming episode of “Man vs. Wild” that airs Sunday night on the Discovery Channel. In it, Gyllenhaal teams up with danger-seeking outdoorsman/host Bear Grylls to trek across Iceland and voluntarily put themselves in frightening and unpleasant situations.

First up: that rope slide, during which Grylls shouts out in­cred­ibly helpful pointers to Gyllenhaal such as “Pace yourself!” and “Shake the blood back into your arms whenever you need to!”

After the jump, watch Grylls send Gyllenhaal head down a hole to pick up the carcass of a dead sheep so they can gut it, eat it and use the fleece as a blanket. Which, for the record, neither Jack nor Ennis ever had to do during their camping trips in “Brokeback Mountain.”

Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal heads down a hole: