James Franco attends An Evening With James Franco during the Los Angeles Film Festival at the Regal Cinemas on June 20 in Los Angeles. (John M. Heller/Getty Images)

Here are some of the takeaway quotes.

On who’s to blame (Hint: It’s the writers.):

It’s hard to talk about because it’s like assigning blame — not a fun thing to do. ... In the last week, when we really started focusing on the script for the live show and did a run-through, I said to the producer, “I don’t know why you hired me, because you haven’t given me anything. I just don’t think this stuff’s going to be good.”

On dressing in drag like Marilyn Monroe:

I was so [bleeped] about that I was deliberately going to fall onstage and hopefully my dress would fall off or something — they couldn’t blame that on me; I was in high heels.

The plan had been that I was going to sing as Cher and then Cher was going to come out onstage; that got axed when Cher and the song from “Burlesque” weren’t nominated. I told them, “Look, this is the thing people are going to talk about, the images they will take away from the show.” ... I just didn’t want to fight anymore, even when they said, “You’ll come out as Marilyn Monroe. It’ll be funny.” Me in drag is not funny.

Well James, 75 percent of Celebritology readers agree with you about that. But drag works for you sometimes.

On “going with the program” and the material Judd Apatow wrote for him, that was never used:

I was going with their program; I wanted to do the material they gave me, not be one of the many cooks doing the writing. There were a lot of cooks who shouldn’t have been cooking but were allowed to. There were some cooks my manager tried to bring in, like Judd Apatow, who wrote some very funny stuff that wasn’t used.

On his Twitter battle with Bruce Vilanch:

Somebody writes or says something about you that can be upsetting, and your first reaction is to want to write back — and usually the first reaction is an angry one. I personally do not do my best thinking when I’m angry. Before Twitter, I always had that buffer period when I could actually think and decide, Is this worth it? You respond to someone and it immediately goes out to hundreds of thousands of people and becomes a big thing that people report. For me Twitter is a dangerous thing.

On rumors that drugs were to blame for his sleepy demeanor:

I was trying to do the best job I could. I didn’t try to sabotage the show. I didn’t get high. I went to the rehearsals I said I was going to. I played the lines as I thought they should be played.

(Source: Playboy)