(Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Jane Fonda — the woman who played Barbarella, won two Academy Awards, taught us all how to aerobicize and recently went on an amazing tirade on “The Newsroom” — loves Katy Perry. She loves her a ton.

Fonda just tweeted the most recent post to her personal blog at Jane Fonda.com. It is titled “A Katy Perry Night” and describes how, while recently in Atlanta, she coerced three of her friends, including a noted art historian, to go see “Katy Perry: Part of Me.” Fonda could not have enjoyed the experience more.

“The film/documentary is so well done,” she writes. “[Perry’s] talent and goodness as a person comes across loud and clear. I love her connection with her fans — even bringing many on stage to dance. I loved seeing how the girls — by the 1000s — connect with her. They clearly are inspired by her authenticity, her courage to be who she is despite much pressure early on to conform to what others thought she should be.”

She adds, “There’s a telling and wonderful scene where she is sobbing because of the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brant [sic] and she has to decide whether she’ll do the show (20,000 people are waiting in the arena) or not.We all left the theater feeling happy. She’s that sort of presence.”

I assume the misspelling of Russell Brand’s last name was an accident and not an intentional diss. But given the fervor of Fonda’s Perry-love, it could go either way.

Honestly, I’m not even being sarcastic. I actually think it’s cool that at 74, Fonda is not only a stone-cold fox, but a woman who openly likes Katy Perry and is not afraid to blog about it.

Even more impressive? She converted all of her friends — none of whom had a clue who the “Fireworks” singer was prior to their fateful viewing of “Katy Perry: Part of Me — into Perry followers.

“All of them, even art historian, Bill Arnett, who’s just a smidge younger than me and someone you’d never think of as a Katy Perry sort of person, thanked me afterwards,” she says.

It’s unclear when Fonda first became a fan. But given the fact that she and Perry kind of look alike, this all makes total sense.