Jane Lynch sang, wisecracked and costume-changed her heart out as the host of this year’s Emmy Awards. But her efforts still wasn’t enough to raise the entertainment value of this year’s telecast, which was elevated by some surprise wins and occasionally funny bits but often dragged down by jokes that landed with audible thuds. But was that Lynch’s fault?

In his review of the 2011 Emmys, The Post’s Hank Stuever says no.

“Poor Jane. She tried it all. ... She even made lesbian jokes about herself,” he writes. “Nobody cared. Someone be very nice to her tomorrow.”

Lynch did stick a perfect landing on a couple of jokes, including my favorite intro of the night, one that, yes, involved a lesbian joke about herself: “A lot of people are very curious as to why I’m a lesbian. Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of ‘Entourage.’ ” (Apparently Kevin Dillon was a bit annoyed by the quip, which is just so Johnny Drama of him.)

Without knowing how much Lynch contributed to the writing of the show, it’s difficult to say whether she and the rest of the creative team should share the blame for the clunkier moments, including that bad Jersey TV spoof. But it’s definitely clear that many of the gags were badly conceived; when Hugh Laurie can’t make it funny, something is wrong.

What did you think about Lynch’s performance as emcee? Would you like to see her get a second shot at hosting someday? Do you think she was waylaid by bad writing? Weigh in with a comment and/or vote in the poll below.