Dynamic comedy trio Doug Hutchison, Courtney Stodden and Jason Alexander. (Funny or Die)

And who better to refuse to judge than Clay’s first guests: the most derided May-December couple of all time, Courtney Stodden, 17, and Doug Hutchison, 51.

I know what you’re (not) thinking: George Costanza, America’s favorite teen bride and Horace Goodspeed from “Lost” together at last!

We can’t embed the video here for reasons that will become apparent after the jump. (Even if we could, we wouldn’t.) But if you dare to watch the sketch (which can be viewed here) before reading the rest of this post, be prepared to feel unclean.

In the series’s premiere episode, Clay gives questionable relationship advice to Stodden and Hutchison, who, lest we forget, is a real actor. The couple is being openly mocked, but, according to Stodden’s momager, they’re in on the joke.

Stodden spends most of the sketch in a tiny mini-dress and bikini, blinking wildly and behaving like an antsy squirrel. She’s the center of the skit’s “jokes,” including one where Clay touches and photographs her breasts with an iPhone to determine the “quality of her heart.”

Need I say more?

It’s clear why Alexander would want Stodden and Hutchison on the premiere of “Donny Clay.” No matter what you think of them, they have an ability to attract attention in a fiery car-crash kind of way. But there’s also something upsetting about this pairing.

Did Jason Alexander really need to extend this couple’s five minutes of fame in order to bring attention to his own career? Has it really come to this?