When Jason... (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Us Weekly has reported that Jason Segel and Michelle Williams are a couple, information that has renewed our faith in the potential for ridiculously adorable celebrity romances. As proof, the magazine has published photos of the “Muppets” and “My Week With Marilyn” stars strolling around Brooklyn, Williams’s home, looking as if they’re more than friends. A picture of Segel playing with Mathilda, daughter of Williams and the late Heath Ledger, also was snapped.

... met Michelle? (Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

To be clear: Neither of these individuals nor their reps have officially confirmed that they are indeed smitten with each other as alleged by that Us Weekly source (which, to be fair, could also be Fozzie). In fact, when Segel appeared just two weeks ago on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” he said he hadn’t had a “proper girlfriend” in about eight years.

Was he just trying to keep his private life private or is there really nothing going on between these two? It’s unclear, but we sincerely hope there is truth to this story because the idea of Williams, 31, and Segel, 32, together is in­cred­ibly appealing.

Here are five reasons why.

1. Both come across as down-to-earth and a little shy about romance.

Williams and Segel seem like gentle souls who have not gotten overly caught up in the pretentious nonsense that is Hollywood.

Example: During that appearance on “Craig Ferguson,” Segel said what he missed most about not having a romantic partner was “cuddling.” Doesn’t the demure Michelle Williams deserve a quality cuddle from this teddy bear/Muppet of a man?

2. Michelle Williams has been endorsed by the Muppets.

Okay, endorsed might be an overstatement. But when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show last fall, Animal just happened to be sitting in on drums with the Roots. And he was definitely taken with her. So we know that Segel’s Muppets — or at least the crazy one who beats on cymbals and snares — will fully support this relationship. (Hmmm ... is it possible that Animal is Us’s unnamed source? He does have a big mouth.)

3. They have “Freaks and Geeks” connections. In addition to the link provided by Phillips, Williams co-starred in “Brokeback Mountain” with Linda Cardellini, another fellow “Freak” and Segel’s former girlfriend. And she plays the wife of Seth Rogen (another FFOS — Freak and Friend of Segel) in the upcoming movie “Take This Waltz.” Only good things come from being connected with that show ... not counting cancellation from NBC, that is.

4. Segel seems like he would be great with kids.

If he ever needs to entertain Mathilda, all he has to do is his Andre the Giant impression.

5. Did we mention how adorable this is?

And just imagine how much cuter it will get if Williams and Segel — Willel? Segilliams? All right, we need to work on that — goes on a double date with Paul Rudd and his wife, or with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. The adorableness contained in those dates could reach such high levels that it may lead to a global cuteness explosion, one that causes bunnies, baby pandas and a wide variety of Hello Kitty merchandise to rain from the skies. Hey, I’m okay with that. As end times go, it beats the heck out of a zombie-pocalypse.