Jason Segel at the Chicago Film Critics and Comedy Awards, to which he brought a very special date. (Timothy Hiatt/GETTY IMAGES)

One week ago, Chelsea Gill — Chicago resident, Indiana University graduate, Jason Segel fan and canny user of the Internet — posted a video on YouTube that featured her singing a tribute to the star of “The Muppets.”

“Oh Jason Segel/You are the ring to my Smeagol/ Won’t you write a quirky ballad just for me?,” she crooned. The song, embedded below, goes on in a similar vein, eventually asking the “How I Met Your Mother” star to have a drink with her.

Naturally, in an age where two members of the Marine Corps can score dates with the stars of “Friends With Benefits” using a similar approach, Segel saw the video, declared it his “favorite thing, maybe ever” and promised a response.

And respond he did.

Over the weekend, he took Gill and her twin sister to the Chicago Film Critics and Comedy Awards, where Segel was being honored with the Commedia Extraordinaire Award for his work on “The Muppets.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Segel met the sisters for a drink at Ritz-Carlton, then brought them along to the ceremony, held at the Broadway Playhouse.

“Picture on the way but Chelsea Gill who wrote the awesome song and her twin sister came to the awards tonight. They were the COOLEST!!” Segel tweeted Sunday, following up later with an actual picture and a (we hope) tongue-in-cheek admission that “I’m not sure which is which.”

This was a nice, generous move on Segel’s part, making it No. 87 on our List of Things We Like About Jason Segel. (Number 79: The fact that he forced this writer to make a Muppet face on camera.)

Admittedly, it also was a genius way to take out a pair of attractive twins while making it look like an act of altruism.

And it also raises the expectation level a little higher for those fans who think that if they make clever YouTbe videos, they definitely will meet their idols. It’s worked for the aforementioned admirers of Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis and now Segel. As far as I know, however, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has not yet responded to Lindsey Miller, the cancer patient who asked to have coffee with the “50/50” star via YouTube star.

But three our of four isn’t bad. Which means that, most likely, we should expect more of these efforts — says, perhaps, a poetry-reciting attempt to become Ryan Gosling’s Academy Awards date — in the future.