Jennifer Lawrence prior to her “Late Show” appearance. (Charles Sykes/AP)

Jennifer Lawrence is about to become a bona fide movie star thanks to her powerful lead performance as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games.” But there’s a very good chance she will also become America’s new sweetheart. Why? Because she’s willing to appear on the “Late Show With David Letterman,”call herself a troll and admit she has done shots before walking the red carpet.

The 21-year-old actress sat down with Letterman last night and displayed the qualities she’s often demonstrated in interviews since her Oscar-nominated performance in “Winter’s Bone”: candor, humility and lack of pretension .

“I’m a troll,” she said when Letterman asked whether she could see what fans see when they watch “The Hunger Games.” “I hate myself whenever I watch. Yeah, don’t go see the movies — I’m a troll.”

“I think the movie is great,” she quickly added. “But their biggest mistake was me.”

Most movie stars don’t go on talk shows and suggest that their presence in their latest film was an epic fail. This is what we love about Lawrence. We also dig her total honesty about the red carpet experience.

In addition to admitting that she tripped during at least two of the four “Hunger Games” premieres — “like, massive trips” — and that she has to be reminded to suck in as she strolls in front of photographers, Lawrence talked about how nervous she gets while handling the gantlet of red carpet media interviews.

“I get really hyper and then I go on interviews and I’m like, ‘I’m like a Chihuahua, I’m shaking and peeing.’ And then afterwards, I’m like, I just talked about peeing on the red carpet. It’s just not a situation for a normal person.”

The reason for her Chihuahua references became apparent when she mentioned that her older brothers encouraged her to pre-game to calm her jittery nerves.

“Both of my brothers — before I went on the red carpet, I was so nervous, they’re like ‘Do shots. Do shots,’” she said. “I’m like, it’s not a good idea. It’s not a good idea. And then I did it and that led to, ‘I’m peeing in my pants’ on the red carpet.”

Just trust me when I say that she is a breath of unscripted fresh air. Watch below as she discusses all of the above and how those aforementioned brothers tortured her by locking her in a basement, spreading peanut butter on her face and letting the family dachshunds loose.