Jennifer Lopez: No. 1 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. (Danny Moloshok/AP)

Jennifer Lopez is the most powerful celebrity on planet Earth.

This news comes courtesy of Forbes magazine, which has released its annual celebrity 100 list, not to be confused with its world’s most powerful people list or highest earning actor list or any of its myriad other lists.

The celebrity 100 list attempts to gauge the overall sweep of a person’s fame and success, including his or her earnings for the period between May of last year and May of this year, but also parsing data related to the amount of press generated, number of online mentions and influence on social media.

By those metrics, Forbes determined that Lopez is No. 1, even though, if you look at the chart, she doesn’t rank in the top spot on any of the individual metrics used to determine the list. She still made $52 million over the past year from, among other things, her “American Idol” gig, her clothing line, her fragrance, and those lucrative deals to dance around in Fiat commercials. Pretty impressive. She also got divorced, which certainly contributed to the media and online mentions.

Lady Gaga, who held down the No. 1 spot on this list last year, got bumped all the way down to fifth place, even though she also earned $52 million and dominated the press ranking and social media categories. What’s a flamboyant hitmaker have to do to continue ruling this list, Forbes magazine? Wear a meat dress again?

No problem, she’s actually got that covered. Based on this, expect Gaga to reclaim the top spot come 2013.

Photo from THE BORN THIS WAY BALL Tokyo. ‘Americano’ by Terry Richardson.…

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) May 14, 2012

In other Forbes celebrity 100 news:

—Oprah Winfrey is in second place but made way more money than everyone else. ($165 million.) I repeat: Oprah made $165 million during what was considered by most to be a bad year for her.

—Of the people who landed in the top 10, seven of them are women, which says something significant about the importance of us ladies in the whole being-famous-and-generating-money business, the sort of significant thing that studio moguls should probably pay attention to. (The three men: Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.)

—One of those women was Kim Kardashian, who landed at No. 7 and earned $18 million over the past year. Khloe Kardashian also made the cut, but much farther down at No. 73 and with a mere $11 million in her pocket. Feel free to process this information by opting to have an ice cream cone for lunch instead of a salad..

— Angelina Jolie ranks higher on this list (at No. 13) then soon-to-be-husband Brad Pitt (at No. 28), although he still out-earned her by $5 million. (She brought in a mere $20 million to his 25.) Why the greater prominence for Jolie? Two words: the leg.

— Ashton Kutcher made his debut on the list in 51st place. His web and social media rankings helped him, as did his $24 million in earnings.

— A couple of ladies of comedy managed to get on the list for the first time this year, too: Zooey Deschanel, “New Girl” star and Siri advocate, who lands in 96th place, and Melissa McCarthy, proudly in 99th place after a phenomenal break-out year courtesy of “Bridesmaids.”