The Situation: Unable to “GTL” for 10 days. (MTV)

In this episode, we learn that an injured Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is required to wear a neck brace for 10 days due to his self-harming, self-throwing-self-into-a-wall outburst toward “Jersey Shore” roommate Ron Ortiz-Magro during the last episode.

“At least now I know not to bang my head into a wall anymore,” Mike says.

As Mike hobbles around the house, the roommates offer no support (pun intended); however, in a weird twist in “Jersey Shore” interpersonal relations, the only roommate to offer sympathy is Ron. (Recall that Ron was the reason Mike angrily launched himself face-first into a concrete wall.) In any case, Ron convinces Mike to dramatically remove his brace.

Meanwhile, the girls go shopping and run into some old-fashioned (literally) Italian drama. On the way back from a shopping trip, a Florence priest asks Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to kindly cover up her body when she walks in front of the church. Wearing a black, cleavage-baring dress, Snooki responds in the only way she knows how: By telling a clergyman to “shut up.”

“At my church, they’d be like, ‘Oh, nice clothes,’ ” Snooki says.

The tone of the episode soon switches to the tactless way the show’s pint-sized star approaches her relationships. Snooki’s bond with her back-home boyfriend, Jionni, is tested when her similarly pint-sized paramour explains he’s uncomfortable with the traits that have made Snooki a millionaire: Drunken screaming, loud burping and crude sexual talk. Snooki confides in Ron, obviously the house’s healthy relationship guru, for advice:

“Don’t change yourself for someone else,” Ron says. “Take it from me.”

We soon realize Ron’s own dating life isn’t going too well; his apparently off-again girlfriend, Sammi “Sweatheart” Giancola, is upset that he’s been disguising girls’ numbers in his phone as guy names.

As the couple fights, the other roommates suffer in the next room.

“It’s like listening to the same annoying record over and over and over,” Vinny says. In a “Jersey Shore first,” Vinny confronts the couple in a healthy way, politely asking that they remove the drama from the roommates; in another first, Ron and Sam calmly resolve their latest fight.

“I think, for right now, me and Ron are together,” Sam says later.

Next, we’re celebrating a drama-free night out at the club, at least until outsiders start taunting the female roommates. Suddenly, a girl pours her drink on Deena Cortese’s head and there’s a cyclone of acrylic nails, hair spray and fake tanner taking over the club. But it takes Snooki and Deena a moment or two to realize that they’re drunkenly fighting each other. With no one left to fight, the group heads home. Snooki calls her boyfriend, and he interrogates her about her behavior at the club. The fight ends with Snooki in tears.

“I feel like I’m being judged all the time,” Snooki says, wiping away tears.

The roommates attempt to intervene when they realize Snooki is miserable, but it falls on deaf ears. In so many words, she tells them to back off. Will the two tiny lovers hold their relationship together while Snook’s in Italy, or will the situation explode? And what about Ron and Sam? Tell us what you think in the comments below and by using #Snookinalysis on Twitter.