The "Jersey Shore" cast. (Mel Evans/AP)

The season finale airs on MTV at 10 p.m. followed by a clearly very necessary reunion special at 11 p.m., followed by an even more essential live stream of the cast answering viewer questions at midnight.

Post blogger and social media maven Katie Rogers has been dutifully recapping this season’s escapades. And if you missed any episodes, you can catch up here.

Of course, the gang left Florence months ago and have already filmed Season 5 of the show. So ahead of tonight’s finale, let’s find out what they’ve been up to in the meantime.

Sammi and Ronnie: Making up and breaking up is modus operandi for these two, who first got together during Season 1. At the beginning of Season 4, the two had split. Then they got back together. But now, after three years together, the two have split once again. It’s not clear when the two parted ways, perhaps for the final time. (Probably not.)

Snooki: The pint-sized Snooki’s drama this season centered around her boyfriend Jionni, who left her Is it possible the two are still together after the fighting and smushing that went on this season? All signs point to yes. Snooki tweeted a photo of the two in Nashville on Oct. 16.

The Situation: Mike Sorrentino wasn’t anybody’s favorite cast member this season. As of the last episode, the Situation said he was considering leaving the show. But it seems that threat was empty. He filmed Season 5 in Seaside this summer with the rest of the group.

Vinny: Like the Situation, Vinny had his doubts about staying on the show. There were reports that he left the group’s Seaside manor during filming for Season 5.

“I did leave for a little bit. I took a break, but then I went back and finished,” he told Vulture.

Vinny will also guest star on an episode of “90210” and is trying to launch an acting career.

Pauly D: The most easygoing of the cast members, Pauly D has mainly stayed out of drama’s way. The DJ has been playing a study stream of gigs and will next be seen in exotic Milwaukee.

Deena: The newest cast member stepped up to the plate this season, attempting to smush with Pauly D and making out with a lady. Since leaving Italy, Deena has released a cover of Alicia Keys’s “Fallin” on Youtube and was insulted by “Today’s” Kathie Lee.

J-Woww: While Jenni “J-Woww” Farley has seen her fair share of drama, she’s also known for giving motherly advice. So it’s not surprising that she recently launched her own lifestyle site, where she will share advice on beauty, pets and (we assume) how to land a gorilla juicehead.

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