Snooki: She’s already back. (© Danny Moloshok / Reuters/REUTERS)

The trailer for the upcoming fifth season of “Jersey Shore” has arrived online. And it appears that during the next season, the show explores vastly different narrative territory.

Oh, just kidding! It doesn’t at all. The trailer, which officially premieres on MTV tonight during “Teen Mom 2” and was posted today on Ryan Seacrest’s Web site, brings the gang back to Seaside where (shocker) drinking ensues and Vinny prepares to leave because, apparently, he has decided to live in a more adult atmosphere.

A two-minute preview of the new season also has been posted in which Pauly D has a tanning accident and everyone puts on uber-tight, hideously sparkly clothing in preparation for a night out at Karma.

I could be wrong, but I am guessing that at least one person will get drunk and fall down, while at least four other “Jersey Shore” regulars will hook up. Again, just a guess.

Watch the pair of clips below, then gauge your excitement level for yet another season of “Jersey Shore” alcohol-fueled idiocy, which begins Jan. 5.

The trailer:

And the two-minute preview: