Jesse James, signing boos at Barnes & Noble in New York. (Slaven Vlasic/GETTY IMAGES)

Love or hate Jesse James, you have to say this for him: he speaks without a filter.

A week after telling Howard Stern that sex is 100 percent better with fiance Kat Von D than it was with ex-wife Sandra Bullock, he offers up some more choice quotes in a new article in the June issue of Men’s Journal.

For starters, he both owns up to and downplays the fact that he engaged in adultery: “I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men.”

But in my view, two of the best interview excerpts involve James expressing his feelings about Christians who want to save him, and his attempts to fit in while attending Hollywood functions with Bullock.

Let’s start with the “American Outlaw” author’s intentions to party in hell, shall we?

“Christians are always hitting me up,” he tells the magazine. “They all want to save me. I get it. I’m evil. Someone left a note on my car once. It said, ‘Will you party in hell?’ Probably. Hell’s likely not that bad. It’s probably like Phoenix. You know how [bleep] gets exaggerated.”

James also offers some solid advice about how to socialize with people at L.A. parties.

“I’d just talk to them about NPR,” he says. “‘Did you hear Diane Rehm today?’ I tried to fit into that mold. I look back at who I was then, and I want to punch myself in the face.”

So who will be most offended by these comments: Christians? The residents of Phoenix, Ariz.? Satan? Sandra Bullock and her Hollywood friends? Actually, maybe it’s Diane Rehm. I mean, she clearly was used as a pawn in James’s Hollywood small talk games.