A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Jessica Biel, the day after her wedding. (DFF/AP)

Those Timber-Biel photos and details you just pored over? People magazine reportedly paid $300,000 for them, according to the Huffington Post, which is a bargain compared to the $3 million OK! Magazine reportedly paid Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for their wedding photos back in 2005. Obviously money well-spent. (Huffington Post)

Bobby Brown was apparently arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of DUI, according to TMZ. That’s the second time in seven months. (TMZ)

Sam Lutfi, former constant Britney Spears companion, testified Tuesday in the civil case he has filed against Spears’s parents and conservators. He described how he became her personal manager at Spears’s request, helped her kick drugs and moved into her home. He also acted as an intermediary between her and the media, helped her choose album artwork and interfaced with her child custody attorneys on her behalf. He says he was never paid and also never — oops — signed a written contract. (Associated Press)

The brief relationship between Eva Longoria and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has, apparently, ended. (E! Online)

Clarification: It turns out that the Beyonce and Jay-Z effort to get their daughter's name, Blue Ivy, trademarked is still active. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave patent rights to a Boston wedding planner with the name Blue Ivy, but, as noted in Tuesday’s mix, that does not preclude Beyonce and Jay-Z from using the name to sell baby products with the same moniker as their child. (Reliable Source)

David Letterman asked Taylor Swift to write a song about him during her appearance on the “Late Show” last night. She said she would think about it as long as he didn’t get angry about it later. “Like you wouldn’t write me an e-mail with the subject line being ‘Thoughts.’ You wouldn’t do that.” Oh man. You just know that “Thoughts” e-mail totally came from Jake Gyllenhaal. She also cranked up the aw-shucksy charm while discussing her recent fender benders, which occurred while a Rolling Stone writer was in her car. (CBS)

Will Arnett revealed on “Conan” that both Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien will appear in the new episodes of “Arrested Development.” Also, according to Arnett, Bruce Springsteen is a big Bluth family fan. (Team Coco)

So Billy Idol is now available to do birthday parties. Well, at least this one birthday party that a guy in Seattle has spent two years campaigning for Idol to attend and perform. (New York Daily News)

Here is a preview of what Zoe Saldana will look like when she plays Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic about the singer. (Spoiler: No hint of Na’vi here.) (Us Weekly)

FYI: Tom Hanks is really good at doing slam poetry about the Beach Boys episode of “Full House.”(Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)