Jessica Chastain at the Venice Film Festival in September. (Joel Ryan/AP)

Jessica Chastain has been on a hot streak this year. She’s appeared in numerous well-received films, including “The Help,” “Tree of Life” and “Take Shelter.” Now it appears that she might be preparing to play one of the most iconic women in history.

Thompson on Hollywood, the Indiewire blog anchored by veteran film journalist Anne Thompson, is reporting that Chastain, 30, will play Princess Diana in a film about the late royal’s love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Khan is the Pakistani surgeon with whom Diana had a discreet, two-year romance, one that reportedly ended not long before the car accident that killed her in 1997.

The movie, called “Caught in Flight,” will be directed by Oliver Herschbiegel (“Downfall”) and is slated to begin pre-production in March. The project is currently being shopped around at the American Film Market, the annual industry event where financial deals are sought and made for numerous movies. If “Caught in Flight” does not get the backing it needs, obviously these plans could change.

But assuming the film moves forward, how do you feel about Chastain, a California native, playing the Princess of Wales? Can you see enough of a resemblance to make it work? Does Chastain have the acting chops to pull it off? (For the record, I think she might.) Weigh in by posting a comment.