Jessica Simpson has been plagued by pregnancy rumors since the beginning of her time in the spotlight. But the most recent speculation about the status of a singer/actress’s womb has reached a new level of silliness.

At a recent in-store appearance at a San Francisco Macy’s, Simpson held a fan’s baby, E! reports. That’s right: A real live tiny human being. In her arms.

Photo of the baby-holding spawned headlines that suggested Simpson was “hinting at” or “fueling” the pregnancy rumors. But even E! had to admit that maybe she was just holding the baby because she wanted to.

Simpson was also recently photographed wearing a baggy sweatshirt This outfit choice led some outlets to speculate that she was hiding a baby bump. A leopard print cover-up she wore in Mexico led to similar theories.

Her reported eating habits have also been cited as pregnancy proof. In Touch reported that Simpson is indeed with child because she has “kooky cravings”! One anonymous (but we’re sure totally real person) told Life & Style that Simpson ”ordered a ton of food. She has to be pregnant.”

Is Simpson expecting? Who knows? Considering the star’s 31 and engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, it’s plausible that she’s at a point where she wants to start a family.

Her rep denied that Simpson was pregnant in June, but hasn’t commented on the rumors since then. If Simpson and her rep aren’t willing to discuss the matter, maybe we should stop speculating.