Jessica Simpson didn’t actually say, “Yes, I’m having a baby!” (Ok! Magazine)

Simpson was photographed over the weekend at Los Angeles International Airport and in New York City with a heavily rounded midsection that does not appear to be the result of non-baby-related weight gain. In one photo, Simpson is sporting a lycra top that hugs her body. In the other, she’s wearing a cape while touching the protruding part of her stomach.

This has led many outlets to speculate, once again, that she’s pregnant (and a few others to make terrible “bump-y,” airplane-related puns.)

Then there’s the OK! Magazine cover that openly declares Simpson is having a baby, despite not having any confirmation from Simpson herself. Her rep has not issued a statement denying the story.

In fact, the last time we heard from Simpson’s rep, it came in the form of a pregnancy rumor denial in July. Since then, there hasn’t been a peep from her camp.

For some celebrities, being super-guarded about their private lives is the norm. Simpson is not one of them.

Her first marriage, to Nick Lachey, was documented on MTV. She’s as famous as she is now thanks to that marriage’s public dissolution. Now there are reports that Simpson is waiting to reveal her pregnancy for cash.

But as time ticks on without confirmation, could it be that Simpson is trying the opposite route this time? Keeping her private life just that? Perhaps.

Entertainment Weekly’s Kate Ward finds her silence “impressive.” Even I previously wrote, “If Simpson and her rep aren’t willing to discuss the matter, maybe we should stop speculating.”

But the problem is that many of us celeb-watchers can’t stop wondering. We live in an age in which most celebrities are expected immediately to confirm their pregnancies and children’s births. Even the intensely private Beyonce knew this and revealed her pregnancy in a big way. Of course, this has led to some unfortunate backlash.

Meanwhile, Simpson is only revealing to the world via Twitter that she’s been listening to the music of sad indie folk band Bon Iver. Presumably, when she switches over to lullabies, she’ll let us know.