Fallon with “SNL” musical guest Michael Buble. (Dana Edelson/AP)

Rachel Dratch and Fallon teamed up in the cold open to reprise their roles as Boston couple extraordinaire Sully and Denise.Chris Kattan, a slimmed-down Horatio Sanz and Tracy Morgan also joined with Fallon to perform a holiday tune they once trotted out on a previous pre-Christmas episode of “SNL.”

But perhaps most delightfully, Tina Fey, Fallon’s former Weekend Update partner, and Amy Poehler, who once “really??ed” on a weekly basis with Seth Meyers, engaged in a Weekend Update joke-off. The objective: determine which fake news anchor pairing was more adept at riffing on a ridiculous news item about a strip joint hosting a holiday toy drive.

Who triumphed? Watch the clip below and find out.

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