Jimmy Fallon portrays Donald Trump. (Lloyd Bishop/AP)

Jimmy Fallon: “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon decided to combine the Osama bin Laden news with another hot topic: Donald Trump. “President Obama is so scared of me and desperate for attention that he felt the need to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden right in the middle of my show,” Fallon’s Trump said, referring to the interruption of “The Celebrity Apprentice” by President Obama’s announcement. “Basically, I killed Osama bin Laden.”

David Letterman: Letterman used his monologue and “Top Ten” segment to make some pretty tame jokes, including one about “72 vegans,” as opposed to virgins. For my money, the best joke made during the “Top Ten Final Words of Osama bin Laden” segment was this one: “I’m not sure I want to live in a world where ‘Fast Five’ is the number one movie.”

Letterman did score points for having NBC’s Brian Williams on as a guest. The always funny anchorman explained that he was on the couch with his wife, “doing what old people do,” when he got the news.

Jimmy Kimmel: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” definitely provided the most shock value when taking on the bin Laden news. After addressing the subject with some jokes during his monologue — “It was the first Twitter death rumor ever that turned out to be true” — and showing a silly fake (and familiar) video of Obama celebrating after the announcement, Kimmel showed a mock-trailer for the film “Weekend at bin Laden’s.” For those not familiar with “Weekend at Bernie’s,” the film being spoofed, it’s about two guys who carry around their dead boss and pretend he’s alive. Consider yourself warned.

Jay Leno: It seems “The Tonight Show” wasn’t dramatically altered because of the news. During his monologue, Leno showed a fake video, very similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s, of Obama cartwheeling after the announcement. He was the only one, I believe, to make a Maury Povich-DNA test joke, so kudos to him. Luckily, Leno was having national security advisor and “Fast Five” star Paul Walker on as a guest.