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Jimmy Fallon debuts second ‘Downton Sixbey’ with guest Whoopi Goldberg

Steve Higgns and Jimmy Fallon. (NBC)

Fallon’s Lord Grantham character got a catchphrase (“I want to die heeeeeere”) and his announcer/butler Steve Higgins continued to struggle comically with his metal foot. Brooke Shields returned, as did Fred Armisen and Questlove, who struggled as the new heir with letting Higgins select his afro pick.

The episode also featured two surprise guests: Whoopi Goldberg, as Questlove’s meddling mother, and ... well, just watch the video to find out who else arrived at “Downton Sixbey’s” doorstep.

On a related note, there’s only four months until “Downton Abbey” returns for season three — in Britain.

Watch the episode, which has NSFW words at the 1:44, 3:37 and 6:25 marks, below.

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