Steve Higgins and Jimmy Fallon. (NBC)

Fallon took the part of Lord Grantham, while his announcer Steve Higgins played a combination Carson-Bates character, with a metal foot played for maximum comedic effect.

Downstairs were the writers, who were desperately trying to come up with another Kim Kardashian joke.

Upstairs, we had famous person Brooke Shields playing Lady Cora. Instead of poor middle child Lady Edith, Fred Armisen played Lady Hedith. (Which was a bit harsh, Jimmy.)

And best of all, Roots drummer Questlove played the Cousin Matthew part.

I must now raise a very difficult question: Do you prefer “Downton Sixbey” or “Downton Arby’s?” I’m leaning toward “Sixbey,” thanks to the very accurate Countess Dowager impression.

Watch them both below, then sound off in the comments. (Warning: There is one NSFW word in the Fallon video at 4:16.)