(Akira Suemori/AP)

J.K. Rowling ended all the suspense this morning about the mysterious website Pottermore, announcing that it represents the next phase in the Harry Potter phenomenon: the release of the novels in e-book form and the launch of “an online reading experience unlike any other.”

The Pottermore website — which arrived online last week with no explanation, immediately generating all sorts of chatter about what the site might become — will be the exclusive place to purchase those e-books as well as digital audiobooks, Rowling explains in her video announcement (see below).

It also will serve as the hub for an ongoing interactive experience based on the seven Harry Potter novels. Rowling notes that she will share additional information that she’s “been holding for years about the world of Harry Potter” as part of that experience.

The site doesn’t officially open for business until October, but on July 31, Pottermore promises, some may get the chance to take an early sneak peek.

So what do we think? Does this sound like a cool new way to bring the Potter prose to life? Or is J.K. Rowling merely exercising some business sense and trying to get us all to experience the same Hogwarts narratives again, in another medium? Weigh in by posting a comment.