All you need on a Saturday night: some Peter Gabriel, a boombox and a little Cusack. (TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX)

People of a certain age, or at least with some appreciation of the movie “Say Anything...,” will read the above sentence and go, “Oh my God, you’re kidding me. Is there video? Please tell me there’s video.”

Those who are not of a certain age and/or who lack the appropriate reverence for Lloyd Dobler will read the above sentence and go, “What? What the heck is a boombox?”

Oh, kids. Let’s just go to the YouTube clip. Because yes, there is one.

As you can see in the beginning of the video below, Cusack, clad in a black jacket and cap, popped onstage at the Hollywood Bowl very briefly, handed off the boombox to Mr. Gabriel and swiftly exited while the audience applauded. He didn’t hold the music blaster over his head, as his character Lloyd Dobler did in the aforementioned “Say Anything...” while attempting to woo back Ione Skye. But his presence made everyone remember how awesome it was when he actually did that, so same purpose served.

Coincidentally, Cameron Crowe, the writer-director of “Say Anything...” who forced Cusack to pull the boombox move even though the actor thought it seemed unnatural at the time, was in the audience as well. In the wee hours, he tweeted:

Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight.Won’t forget that... ever.

— Cameron Crowe (@CameronCrowe) October 7, 2012

Which later prompted Cusack to tweet:

If I were u I would follow @cameroncrowe and occasionally suggest we work together again - was so happy to see him last night at gabriel

— John Cusack (@johncusack) October 7, 2012

And that, in turn, has prompted several people to tweet-suggest to Crowe that he should indeed reteam with Cusack. See? This tiny moment at a Peter Gabriel concert could finally convince Crowe and Cusack to again, together, pursue a dare-to-be-great situation.

And if it doesn’t, at least it provided an excuse to start the week by revisiting this clip.

(H/T Hypervocal)