John Mayer and his hat. (Photo by Danny Clinch/Courtesy of Columbia Records) (Danny Clinch)

Perhaps as a sign that the singer has moved to Montana and mellowed out, he is also sporting a new accessory that has gotten a lot of attention: a rather large felt hat.

Opinions about said hat have been mixed. Adjectives used on the Internet to describe it include “awesome,” “stupid,” and a NSFW one that begins with a “d.” The hat even has a Facebook page.

On Tuesday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Mayer couldn’t help but talk about his new head covering and the reactions to it.

“I have a new hat, which I did not know was such an issue,” Mayer told Fallon, who seemed to be a fan. “I quite like it.”

While there was quite a bit of talk about the hat, Mayer’s argument in favor of the chapeau can be boiled down to one sentence: “I don’t care what the Internet thinks about my hat.”

There you have it, hat haters. Watch the interview, which also includes non-hat talk, below.