John Mayer (Danny Clinch/Courtesy of Columbia Records)

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” airing Tuesday, the musician talked about his move to Montana and retreat from fame after his life became tabloid fodder.

“I just sort of lost my head for a little while. I did some ... dumb interviews, and it kind of woke me up,” Mayer said, likely referring to a 2010 Playboy interview in which he called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm,” used the N-word and compared (NSFW link) the part of his body used for procreation to a “white supremacist.”

“I'm glad I actually stayed out of the spotlight,” Mayer continued. “Because I think back then I would of said, give me two weeks or like let me get out and do ‘Ellen’ and let me explain myself. It was like, 'No, idiot.' Go away be 33 and 34 instead of 28 for the fourth year.”

This new level of maturity showed at a recent “Grammys on the Hill” event, which the Reliable Source covered, where Mayer was being honored for his commitment to music education programs and supporting veterans. The Source reported:

He gave a relatively sober talk about keeping music in schools, about helping veterans, about cultivating young performers. (“I accept ‘American Idol,’ but I don’t accept social media as a substitute to developing a craft.”)

“I’ll now go back to my seat,” he concluded, “and be uncomfortable about being honored.”

Mayer is currently promoting his fifth album “Born and Raised,” which is now streaming on iTunes ahead of its May 22 release. He was forced to cancel a planned summer tour due to ongoing issues with his throat.

What do you think, Celebritology readers? Can Mayer leave behind his old image and start over with fans? While you think that over, watch part of his “Ellen” interview below.