John Slattery and Rashida Jones. (Richard Drew/AP; Henry S. Dziekan III)

Playing a game titled “$100,000 Pyra-Mad,” Jones fed the “Mad Men” actor clues about famous people who went a bit crazy. For example, Jones said, “She was like, ‘I’m a pop star and I’m crazy and I’m gonna go barefoot to the gas station!” Slattery replied, “Britney.” That’s right — Roger Sterling didn’t bother saying Spears. He’s cool like that.

Slattery also revealed that, like most “Mad Men” fans, he thinks Roger and Joan (Holloway) Harris are meant to be together.

“They love each other. I don’t know whether they’ll ever be together, but they’re — they’re sort of soul mates, I think,” he explained.

The rest of the episode was a tad NSFW, but equally hilarious. Watch some clips here. and the “Pyra-Mad” segment below.

(Hat tip Gawker)