Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp. (YouTube Paul McCartney)

Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman star in Paul McCartney’s self-directed videos for “My Valentine,” a track off his new jazz album “Kisses on the Bottom.”

The actors use sign language to convey the song’s lyrics, which include wistful phrases like, “What if rained? We didn’t care.” Portman and Depp remain still in the black and white videos as they sign and, of course, look very beautiful.

Depp, who recently appeared on stage with Marilyn Manson, also plays a guitar solo. (Eric Clapton played the part on the studio version of the song.)

Each actor did a separate video, with their footage combined for a third version. The videos were screened at Stella McCartney’s Los Angeles store last week, according to the Beatles’s blog.

Portman previously starred as a ghost in McCartney’s “Dance Tonight” video.

Watch the videos below.