Jon Hamm, music video director. (Via YouTube)

Aimee Mann is pretty awesome. We don’t spend enough time in Celebritology noting this fact. But with the release of her new music video “Labrador” — which features a cameo appearance by Jon Hamm, someone whose awesomeness is frequently celebrated in Celebritology — we finally have a reason to focus on the excellent indie singer-songwriter.

The video begins with some behind-the-scenes interviews, including one with the clip’s director, Tom Scharpling, who is actually Hamm wearing a track jacket, a pencil-thin mustache and Michael Rappaport’s accent.

Brief side note: Do Jon Hamm’s days contain more hours than everyone’s else’s days? How does he have time to show up in so many side projects that feature his distinct combination of amusing and handsome? Are there multiple Hamms running around? Because that’s my current theory, and it’s one that I like because that means quadruple the “SNL” and “30 Rock” cameos. Also, more for the ladies.

But back to the video.

“What I suggested was, we do a shot-for-shot remake of the Til Tuesday video for ‘Voices Carry,’ ” “Scharpling” explains. “She flipped for it.”

Cut to Mann explaining that she definitely did not flip for it and only agreed to make a video just like the one she starred in 27 years ago because she was contractually obligated to do so. Then cut to Mann actually starring in a weird remake of the “Voices Carry” video, which is pretty delightful for those of us who actually remember watching the “Voices Carry” video and wishing we had both Aimee Mann’s punky hair and the courage to start shouting at our jerky boyfriends even though we’re at Carnegie Hall and should probably hush-hush, keep it down now.

Watch “Labrador” as well as the original “Voices Carry” video below, as the desire to compare the two will be strong, especially among those who have no recollection of the magic that was Til Tuesday.

(Found via a retweet by Jake Fogelnest)