Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in "Moneyball." (Melinda Sue Gordon)

Jonah Hill appeared on last night’s “Late Show With David Letterman” to promote his new movie, the much-buzzed-about baseball film “Moneyball.” In the process he performed an important public service: he let the American public know that his co-star, Brad Pitt, is in­cred­ibly good at playing practical jokes that involve golf carts. Also, he made it clear that if Pitt wants people to think you’re a Wham! fan, he will spare no expense or effort to do so.

As the recently slimmed down Hill explains in the clip below, one of the “Fight Club” star’s favorite things to do on the “Moneyball” set was mess with the golf cart Hill used to get from one place to the other. One day, he turned it into a Wham! mobile, complete with pink shrink wrap, a sign that declares “I’m Jonah Hill and I Love Wham!” and a picture of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael with Hill’s and Pitt’s faces photoshopped onto them. (Hill does, thankfully, have a photo of this.)

The edited clip below ends before Hill gets to the final, “Careless Whispery” detail — that when Hill turned on the golf cart, it automatically began playing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” at maximum volume. Such detail to an unnecessary tribute to an ‘80s pop duo — I may have developed an even deeper respect for Pitt as a result of this.

If you want to see Hill explain his on-set prank experiences in greater detail — which, for the record, is totally worth your time — watch the interview that can be found in the full “Late Show” episode.