Remember when Jonathan Lipnicki was that cute kid in “Jerry Maguire” who asked: “Did you know bees and dogs can smell fear?”

Well, apparently Lipnicki — who is now 20, in case you didn’t feel old enough today — has been smelling a bit of fear himself. He recently filed a restraining order against Amber Watson, an actress he previously dated, because he alleges that she “threatened to annihilate” him, E! Online reports.

The order was filed in L.A. Superior Court and says that Watson allegedly came to Lipnicki’s apartment while he was sleeping, pinned him to his bed and made the threat.

“It took twenty [minutes] and other people to get her out of my apartment,” documents submitted by Lipnicki state. A judge granted the temporary restraining order last week, requiring Watson, also 20, to remain at least 100 yards away from Lipnicki, as well as his dog — which, as previously established, can presumably also smell fear.