Joss Whedon. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The entire thing was wonderfully self-deprecating, (Question: “Which joke in your body of work are you most proud of?” Answer: “Titan A.E.”) but also rather informative.

(If you want to read a really old Q&A with Whedon, check out this one he did with The Post in 2008.)

Read some of Whedon’s best responses to the Redditors below.

On killing characters: “I'm, no offense, very tired of being labelled as ‘the guy who kills people.’ Shakespeare (he's this hot new writer) does it way more than me, and everyone's all excited about how he, as it were, holds a mirror up to nature, while I'm like the Jason Voorhees of the writing community. Unfair.”

On a second “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”: “We're not shooting right now, we're still in the early stages of writing. But we hope to make a great deal of progress this summer. And you can expect the death of someone you love.”

On working with Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Downey Jr. : “Robert and Neil are both even funnier off-screen than on. Funnier, in fact, than me. I hate Robert and Neil.”

On his desire to stage a musical: “Full scale musical? The biggest non-spaceship-involving dream of my life. But it's a huge life commitment.”

On why he secretly adapted Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” for the big screen: “I wanted to drag Shakespeare from obscurity. I've been a fan my whole life, and it's time other people started noticing him!”

On working on Pixar’s “Toy Story,” which he co-wrote: “It was so much fun. They were in this crappy, sprawling space in the middle of nowhere, and I spent most of my time with [director John Lasseter], [Andrew] Stanton, [Pete Docter] and the late, very great Joe Ramft, just making jokes, pitching ideas and watching them get sharpie head-aches from sketching. We all learned so much from that experience. mostly about sharpies.”

On working with the cast of “The Avengers,” which includes Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson: “Handling that many stars was easy, because they looked after each other. They cared about the work. They one time did what I said (well, asked). No, it really was a dream ensemble. ... [It was] like herding adorable kittens.”

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