Judith Sheindlin a.k.a. Judge Judy. (Paramount Pictures/PARAMOUNT PICTURES)

Sheindlin, of course, hosts “Judge Judy,” which is consistently the most watched syndicated show on television, so let’s not make a big to-do pretending like we haven’t watched it at least once. And maybe a lot more than that.

According to the site, Judge Judy will sporadically post videos on a various topics that users can respond to in 1000 word messages. The debut episode covered “roommates with benefits.” (Judge Judy’s ruling: “Joint nothing; separate everything!”) Future episodes include, “Do you have a sock money marriage?”

(Yes, I read that as sock monkey several times.)

To anyone out there preparing to publicly hate the Web site, Judge Judy has some words for you: “Don’t kvetch and complain if you’re not being a ‘Judge Judy’ fan. Find another forum.”

We assume that ruling is final.

Watch Judge Judy’s introduction to the site below.