Bieber and his music video companion in “Mistletoe.” (MTV)

Sure, it’s mid-October and you may not have chosen a Halloween costume yet. It’s still not too early to get a jump start on what clearly will be A Very Bieber Christmas.

In that tween heartthrob/yuletide spirit, MTV has unveiled Justin Bieber’s new music video for “Mistletoe,” the first song off of his forthcoMing holiday album, “Under the Mistletoe.”

In the clip Bieber wears fingerless gloves while crooning romantically to camera as fake snowflakes fall. He also drinks hot chocolate, engages in some classic photo booth mugging and kisses a girl who isn’t Selena Gomez. My favorite part? When he wins over his music-video girlfriend by giving her a present and a Christmas card signed “Justin Bieber.” He’s dating this chick and he still signs his full name on letters and cards?

But maybe that doesn’t matter. Really, the important thing is that Justin Bieber has already given us the greatest gift the holidays can give: Justin Bieber. Enjoy it, because you’re going to be hearing this tune ad nauseam at your shopping mall of choice when you go on your annual, last-minute-gift-card-buying spree. Watch the video below.