Justin Bieber at Macy's to launch his new fragrance “Someday.” (Evan Agostini/AP)

After Bieber stood on a purple stage inside the department store to launch his fragrance (“OK, love you, peace.”), the Biebs’s people told police the pop star wanted to go outside and greet his fans, according to the Associated Press. It seems that, in addition to breaking hearts, Bieber breaks rules. He left the small area police had secured and moved to the main barricade, which caused the crowd of about 500 people to simultaneously lunge at him.

This is where things get confusing. Initial reports suggested that a crazy guy jumped the barricade and attacked Bieber. But according to TMZ, that guy was actually a plainclothes police officer trying to protect him. A member of the singer’s security team was not aware of this, so he stepped in to help Bieber by blocking a doorway. A spokesperson for the NYPD told the Hollywood Reporter that the bodyguard “failed to follow lawful order” by not moving. And contrary to other reports that probably caused hundreds of teen girls to freak out, Bieber was not injured or even touched during the event, according to the spokesperson.

“This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved, and the event went very well,” his publicist Melissa Victor said in an e-mail to the AP.

You can watch video of the scene, which contains NSFW language, here, and listen to some girls talk about Bieber’s “hotness” and “hair” at Macy’s below:

Fans await the arrival of Justin Bieber outside Macy's. (ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS)