All Justin Bieber wants for Christmas is to sell you a Nintendo. (BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS)

Carey, dressed as sexy Mrs. Claus, and the Biebs are hanging out at Macy’s — a department store that has close ties to both of the stars and their fragrances. While Carey wriggles and writhes seductively for no apparent reasons, Bieber shops with his friends for gifts, like the Nintendo 3DS. Product placement alert!

The song’s original 1994 video is shot like an old home movie, with Carey playing in the snow with Santa and sitting by an open fire. But times have changed. While the song still is about only needing a loved one for Christmas, the new video ends with the two celebs giving their fans what really matters: presents!

Watch the “SuperFestive!” video, and Carey’s original, below.

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