Justin Bieber. (Glenn Pinkerton/Las Vegas News Bureau/AP)

The singer has released the dates and locations of the North American tour to support “Believe,” his new album that will be purchased by the parents of kids everywhere this June. The tour will kick off in Arizona in September and end next year in Miami.

If attending a Justin Bieber concert is the sort of thing you’re into (and that’s totally cool if it is!), check out a complete list of tour stops here.

The Biebs also gifted the audience members with tickets to one of the tour stops and with a performance of “Boyfriend.” As you may have suspected, both of these things caused the aforementioned screaming.

DeGeneres, in turn, surprised Bieber with a rather informal high school graduation. The 18-year-old star finished high school this spring, as a gift to his mother.

Watch the ceremony, as well as the performance, below.