Justin Bieber fans in Peru. (PILAR OLIVARES/REUTERS)

A 20-year-old woman has filed a paternity suit claiming she and the Biebs conceived a child in a bathroom at the Staples Center. Bieber and his team have adamantly denied this.

While the singing sensation has chosen to “ignore the rumors” and focus on his music, millions of Beliebers have come to his defense. And boy, are they angry.

Mariah Yeater, the woman who filed the suit, is a trending topic on Twitter, where a lot of Bieber fans are sounding off about her claims.

(Note: All of the Twitter users quoted below have the words Bieber, Belieber, Biebs or some variation of the singer’s name in their user handle. In short, they are true fans.)

“Mariah Yeater - Justin probably doesn't even know about your existance [sic],” one fan tweeted. Another added: “did u want fame?? Here u have ur 5 minutes!! but Now you have almost 14 billion people hating you!! GO SCREW YOURSELF.”

Others have pledged to seek revenge: “we fans are on your side, and Mariah Yeater will pay for your lies.”; “you are so wrong for wanting to ruin an innocent boys life you know he is not the father of your baby..I hope you go to jail.”; “hey you Mariah yeater dude....we beliebers are purple ninjas..so don't come at us...you gotta prob with justin..you got one with us!”

One very angry fan simply tweeted the woman’s name sandwiched between a string of profanities. Fans taking the high road have started the hashtag #WeBelieveJustin to show solidarity.

And the tweets just keep on coming. Yeater’s name has managed to stay a trending topic for about 12 hours, according to TweetStats, and showed up in .14 percent of all tweets between 11 a.m. and noon Wednesday. For reference, the commonly used word “yes” showed up in .48 percent of tweets during the same time period.

Selena Gomez underwent a similar Belieber battering when she began dating Bieber publicly, receiving death threats and nasty comments for doing something she is completely entitled to do.