Justin Bieber: good at pushing perfume, but not so good at selling magazines. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

The pop star whose face is plastered all over your niece’s bedroom walls also had his face plastered on the February cover of Vanity Fair. And according to Women’s Wear Daily, that issue was the lowest-seller for the glossy magazine in 12 years, moving an estimated 246,000 copies. (This year, according to figures from Audit Bureau of Circulations, Vanity Fair has averaged about 342,000 sales per issue.)

But VF is not the only victim. Other Bieber-related magazines have been similarly afflicted.

A Bieber issue of Teen Vogue from last October sold 12 percent fewer issues than average. And a Bieber-fronted edition of People also sank 25 percent below the celeb magazine’s average sales figures.

Perhaps Beliebers don’t buy magazines. Or, more likely, they get their Bieber fix from the Internet, which, little known fact, runs on the energy generated by Bieber winks.

But don’t feel too badly for America’s Favorite Haircut. Even though he (allegedly) can’t sell magazines, he can sell perfume. The Hollywood Reporter already has projected that Someday, Bieber’s new scent for the ladies, could earn $30 million.

Because girls want to smell the way Justin Bieber wants them to smell. And they also want to discuss him on Twitter. But they don’t necessarily want to read about him on the glossy pages of a magazine.