Justin Bieber. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

But as we here at Celebritology have said before, no one can argue with the Biebs’s charitable giving. As it turns out, sometimes all he needs to give is a tweet to make an actual difference.

Helene Campbell, a 20-year-old Ottawa resident in need of a double lung transplant, started a campaign to tweet the teen pop star in order to raise awareness about organ donations and giving blood.

Under the Twitter handle “@alungstory,” Campbell, who blogs about her illness, tweeted last week, “Hey @justinbieber! I BELIEB you should use that Canadian voice of yours and help save lives like mine #beanorgandonor beadonor.ca #giveblood.”

Her message was retweeted by the Biebs, who later replied, “i got the word....you have amazing strength. i got u. #BeAnOrganDonor.” This exchange was, no doubt, seen by many of Bieber’s 16. 7 million followers.

From last Thursday, the day Bieber retweeted Campbell, to Tuesday, 1,000 people had registered online to become donors through the Trillium Gift of Life Network, “Ontario’s central organ and tissue donation agency,” according to their Twitter account. That number had risen to 1,200 yesterday, according to MTV, a significant increase in normal registrations.

Campbell thanked Bieber for doing his part: “@justinbieber you have made a huge impact, not only on my life, but for many others in need of the gift of life now and in the future!#BELIEVE”

He replied, “@alungstory glad to be able to help. best part of what i do.”

Watch Campbell’s thank you to Bieber below.