Justin Bieber: Hoyas cap on, pants almost down. (Pacific News Service)

Either way, Bieber and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were recently photographed in Brazil, where the meme-inspiring tween heartthrob has taken his world tour. A photographer happened to capture him on a particularly windy day, wearing a Georgetown hat. Because when he doesn’t, his purposely wind-blown hair looks unintentionally crazy-windblown. Like this.

Does this mean that Bieber, who is 17, might consider attending the university someday, a fact that would potentially turn the nation’s capital into the nation’s capital of Bieber fever? Probably not. This kid has a massive career to deal with, including the release of an upcoming yuletide CD that will singlehandedly turn this holiday season into A Very Bieber Christmas. He’s probably got things on his mind that don’t involve filling out college applications.

But if, hypothetically, Biebs did someday attend the prestigious D.C. institution, he would join a university that boasts such celebrity alumni as Bradley Cooper and Maria Shriver.

We here in Washington can only dare to dream of an existence in which Bieber spottings at Georgetown Cupcake become a daily occurrence. Never say never.


GALLERY: Click the image to see photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.