A morning mix of entertainment headlines . . .

A disturbance in the young pop star Force: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are over, unless Bieber tries to woo her back. (Darren Calabrese/AP)

Forget all that stuff about Gen. David Petraeus and his career-destroying affair with Paula Broadwell. The real scandal of the weekend was, of course, the end of Bieber/Gomez. Yes, both the Associated Press and People confirmed that Selena Gomez broke up with boyfriend Justin Bieber “about a week ago” because of “some trust issues.” This is Earth-shattering news that, of course, we’ve all heard many times before. But it sounded more definitive this time — definitive enough to prompt TV Guide to move on super-fast and ask, “Who should Selena Gomez date next?” (Really? Gosling is an actual option here?) But WAIT. Just hold. on. Bieber allegedly tells TMZ that he thinks he can patch things up with Gomez. Is he telling the truth? Or is he just saying this so that when he talks about her in that previously taped “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview he won’t look quite as foolish? Or is all of this some sort of weird publicity stunt designed to make us all watch a new music video starring America’s cutest barely legal couple? I don’t know with these kids anymore. I just don’t know. (Associated Press; People; TMZ)

Skyfall ” opened huge, earning an impressive $90 million in North American box office money to become the No. 1 movie in the land. That’s the biggest opening ever for a James Bond film, when not adjusting for inflation. Nicely done, 007.(Associated Press)

A judge has ruled that Halle Berry cannot move her daughter Nahla to France. Berry, who is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, reportedly made the request because French law is stricter about regulating paparazzi and invasion of privacy issues. But the girl’s father, Gabriel Aubry, objected to the distance and a judge apparently agreed. (New York Daily News)

Kanye Westand Kim Kardashian have been accused of eating Haagen Dazs ice cream without paying for it while in London. Whatever. Prince William probably does that all the time and no one says a word. (Digital Spy)

A ridiculous dating Web site called CougarLife.com gave Demi Moore the (non) prestigious Most Coveted Cougar in the World award in honor of her 50th birthday on Sunday. The award consists of a pair of Laboutin shoes and a cheap gift certificate that calls her the most coveted cougar in the world. In response, Moore would like to thank her stylist, her own hotness and God for helping her to achieve new heights in cougarness. (Radar Online)

Heidi Klum wore this on the red carpet at the MTV European Music Awards. As we speak, peacocks are mobilizing to express their outrage, and also to figure out where she got those shoes.

(Frank Augstein/AP)

Rosemarie DeWitt and Patton Oswalt will appear on season two of “The Newsroom.” (Vulture)

INXS is finally calling it quits after 35 years of existence and 15 years after the death of the band’s original, uber-hot frontman, Michael Hutchence. Please have a moment of silence, then crank “Shine Like It Does” really loudly in their honor. (The Hollywood Reporter)

So which of Anne Hathaway’s “Saturday Night Live” impressions was more spot-on? Claire Danes in “Homeland”. . .

. . . or Katie Holmes, which she’s done before?