The American Music Awards celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday by giving Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj multiple awards.

It also allowed harem pants — those briefly trendy, low-hanging pantaloons popularized in the early 1990s during an era that history officially refers to as Hammer Time — to return to the national stage.

Bieber was wearing a version of them, both in his performance last night:

(Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

and while accepting his various trophies.

He even wore basically the same outfit earlier in the weekend to an allegedly disastrous reconciliation dinner with now-ex Selena Gomez. Bieber’s bottom half said M.C. Hammer while his top half screamed Vanilla Ice. Put it all together and it was one full-body tribute to the year 1990, one that didn’t exactly win a ton of support on social media sites..

Dear Justin Bieber - I’d walk out on you too if you were wearing those pants to dinner.Enough.…

— Kennedy Elsey (@downtownkennedy) November 19, 2012

But the Biebs wasn’t the only one bold enough to demonstrate his willingness to show off an outfit that made him look like Lil’ MC Droopy Drawers.

Psy also waddled around in “Gangnam Style” fashion while wearing harem pants until he was joined onstage by — yes — M.C. Hammer himself, the man who originally made all of this possible by insisting that we can’t touch this.

My theory is that Scooter Braun — manager of both Bieber and Psy — manufactured this harem pants situation to hype up the special AMA appearance by Hammer. Either that, or he plans to launch those ridiculous knee-swinging trousers on their own pop music career, shoving them into a viral video that will become an improbably massive YouTube senstion, making it impossible to avoid those stupid pants because they’re even showing up on the “Today” show.

Fortunately, many American consumers seem to have shut down this trend before it can blow up into something that could take over the fashion world and cause a lot of unfortunate tripping incidents.

i swear if justin bieber’s pants become a fashion trend i’m killing myself

— Blaire (@PromiscuousTeen) November 19, 2012