Justin Bieber, mama’s boy. (John Lamparski/GETTY IMAGES)

While musically a dud, the song does contain very sweet sentiments about Mama Biebs, who became pregnant with the pop star when she was 18:

“You were so young/ You were just my age when you had me mom/ You were so brave/ There was nothing gonna stop or get in our way. And I know you will always be there for me.”

The timing of the song’s release is pegged to the Mother’s Day holiday this weekend, which you clearly knew unless I just reminded you about Mother’s Day. (If that’s the case, you’re welcome.)

According to a tweet from Mallette, an unspecified amount of the proceeds from the song’s sale will go to the Bethesda Centre in London, Ontario. The home for single mothers, where Mallette spent time, is in danger of closing, and a campaign has been launched to raise $1.5 million by May 31.

Listen to “Turn to You” below.

In honor of “Turn to You’s” release and Mother’s Day, here are a few more songs written by artists specifically for their moms.

John Lennon wrote at least two songs about his mother, Julia Stanley, who abandoned him as a boy and died when he was 18. The peaceful ballad “Julia” from “The White Album” is my favorite.

Kanye West released the heartfelt “Hey Mama” for his mama, Donda, in 2005. After her unexpected death in 2007, West added the lyric “Last night I saw you in my dreams/ Now I can’t wait to go to sleep” for a 2008 Grammy appearance.

Christina Aguilera’s “Oh Mother” takes on the abuse the singer says she and her mother suffered at the hands of her father: “Oh mother, we’re stronger/ From all of the tears you have shed/ Oh mother, don’t look back/ Cause he’ll never hurt us again.”

And of course I have to include 2Pac’s “Dear Mama,” written for his mom, Afeni Shakur.

Clearly, this is not a comprehensive list. So please share your favorite songs written for moms below.