Justin Bieber just punk’d everyone.

(Thomas Boyd/AP)

As noted in Friday’s morning mix, Bieber’s laptop and digital camera were allegedly stolen earlier this week, prompting an anonymous person with the worst Twitter handle ever — gexwy — to threaten to post some dicey video of the Biebs at noon Friday.

It all seemed a little bizarre, and then it seemed really weird when Bieber’s account was re-tweeting Nicki Minaj’s tweets about a big surprise coming to the Internet around 12-ish.

Well, it turns out the whole social media episode — including the purportedly stolen goods — was a publicity stunt for a found-footage-style video for Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat,” featuring Minaj. (Clarification: Bieber’s publicist has told the AP that his laptop really was stolen in Tacoma, Wash. So that part of the story may still be true. Maybe)

Which may have made some people feel a little like Ralphie Parker in “A Christmas Story” during this specific moment.

“Ovaltine? Son of a ...”

Of course, before Bieber shared the video, he felt compelled to make a point about how much media coverage he gets, often regarding things that may or may not be true. He filled up his feed with tweets from various outlets, including, yes, one containing my cheeky morning mix item about Friday’s “noon showdown.”

Thanks for the RT, Biebs. Needed that traffic bump Friday, kiddo.

Look, let’s hand it to the pop star. He and his Scooter Braun-led team of headline generators are pretty clever. And we should expect genius from Bieber now that we know he’s vaguely related to this guy.

Oh, what’s that? You want to watch that video of Bieber and Minaj?


Really? Insult to punk’d injury? Okay, fine. Check it out, after the tweet-story of Bieber’s stunt and some of the response to it.