Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA)

First Taylor Swift and Zac Efron sang a cute duet on the daytime show for all the world to enjoy. And on an episode airing Wednesday, “Wanderlust” star Justin Theroux agreed to do a little impromptu break dancing.

Theroux was telling Ellen DeGeneres how his costar and real life girlfriend Jennifer Aniston became “obsessed” with his break dancing skills, after she saw the movie “Zoolander.” (He played an evil DJ who has a break dance fight with Owen Wilson.)

And wouldn’t you know it — Aniston had Theroux’s special dancing shoes sent over to the show. (Did she really? He looked pretty surprised, but then again he’s an actor. Let’s just go with it!)

In her own news interview for the film, Aniston told PopSugar that, although her beau may look like a “serial killer,” he’s really the “nicest person in the world.” A nice person who looks like a serial killer and can break dance — watch a catch!

Watch Theroux break dance below.

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