Justin Timberlake. (Ethan Miller/GETTY IMAGES)

The heartthrob, once known as the one in the boy band with the curly, frosted-tipped hair, has matured into a successful singer/actor/electronics enthusiast before our very eyes. He’s a constant reminder to many who came of age in the ’90s that we’ve spent a whopping 14 years pining for the former ‘N Sync star.

While our crushes on J.C. Chasez and Lance Bass faded, our love for JT grew as he went on to become a solo artist and frequent host of “Saturday Night Live.”

The last year has been particularly bright for Timberlake, who starred in two major movies, “Friends With Benefits” and “In Time.” In early 2012, he took to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show to help announce the launch of Myspace TV.

Of course, all those who have fond memories of swooning at the sight of him on “TRL” may have to come to grips with getting over the childhood crush. Timberlake reportedly became engaged to on-again, off-again girlfriend Jessica Biel.

In honor of Timberlake’s special day, take a look back at his career in the gallery below.

View Photo Gallery: The singer and actor has transitioned from boy band member to an acting career with frequent appearances on “SNL” and major productions such as “The Social Network.”