Kal Penn and John Cho, mulling their holiday movie answers. (Jen Chaney/Washington Post)

Kal Penn and John Cho have the honor of starring in the first holiday theatrical release of 2011. That would be “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas,” the third installment in the geek stoner franchise and a yuletide film that arrives in multiplexes on Friday, roughly three weeks before Americans will carve into their Thanksgiving turkeys. (Then again, the East Coast already got walloped by a pre-Halloween snowstorm, so perhaps the timing is just right.)

Penn and Cho recently visited Washington as part of their “Harold and Kumar” promotional duties and took some time to discuss 3D movies, Penn’s work for President Obama and other topics. (More of this interview will be posted in Celebritology soon.)

But they also gamely agreed to take a Christmas movie quiz designed to test their knowledge of some of cinema’s celebrated seasonal classics. That quiz made it clear that: a. both Penn and Cho need to brush up on their Christmas flicks, and b. one of them really needs to see “A Christmas Story” ASAP.

Watch video of the quiz below.