Kate Gosselin: setting new standards in coupon blogging. (Andy Kropa/GETTY IMAGES)

“We look forward to sharing the unique insight she has gained over the years,” the president of CouponCabin said in the press release that touted the announcement, a comment that suggested that, as a mother of eight, Gosselin would impart important lessons about finding deals and saving money.

Well, we’re now 10 days and four posts into Gosselin’s new gig. And here’s what we’ve learned about shopping and family budgeting from Kate Gosselin.

1. Kate Gosselin did not have a face-lift.

In an item posted yesterday, Gosselin confirmed that she has had no work done on her face. “With all of the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!),” she wrote.

I am grateful for this blog post because the buzz about the former “Kate Plus 8” star’s possible face-lift was so deafening that I could barely have conversations with people. “So what happened at work today? I said — WHAT HAPPENED AT WORK TODAY? I’M SORRY FOR YELLING BUT IT’S OBVIOUSLY HARD FOR YOU TO HEAR ME OVER THE INCREDIBLE BUZZ ABOUT KATE GOSSELIN’S POSSIBLE FACE-LIFT.” Yes, that’s exactly how nightly dinner discussions with my husband had been going until now. Thanks to Gosselin, peace has been restored to our home.

2. Cyber Monday is much, much better than Black Friday.

Gosselin made this point in a blog post about Black Friday as well as one on Cyber Monday. This observation was in no way influenced by the fact that Gosselin is working for a Web-based enterprise that specializes in online shopping discounts.

3. In 2004, it was possible to get a really good deal on stockings at Pottery Barn.

This was a key point in that Cyber Monday post; the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant recalled how, shortly after the birth of her sextuplets, she opted to shop online rather than drag all six babies and her two older children to the mall. As a result, “on that Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to find a great deal on Pottery Barn monogrammed stockings for each of’’ the kids, she wrote.

Hey, that’s useful information. All you need to do is purchase a time machine (I understand Amazon.com is offering a sweet deal on those right now), set it for 2004, then immediately get online and buy those monogrammed stockings. Assuming, of course, that Gosselin’s purchase didn’t deplete the entire stock.

4. There actually are some useful coupon codes in Gosselin’s post.

Links to discounts at stores ranging from Kohl’s to Bath & Bodyworks can be found in Gosselin’s blog. However, I am guessing those links are coming from a CouponCabin staffer who (again, guessing) probably dumps embed code into the posts Gosselin writes.

Is that useful for those trying to save money this holiday season? Absolutely. Are those discounts evidence of unique insight that only Gosselin can provide?

Uh, no. But the holiday season is still young, my friends. And Gosselin still has time to wow us with gift ideas and cash-saving suggestions that only she — a woman who, again, just to be crystal clear here, has never had a face-lift — can provide.