Kate Gosselin: coupon expert. (Andy Kropa/GETTY IMAGES)

When Kate Gosselin’s reality show “Kate Plus 8” got canceled in August, many of you were concerned about her potential employment options.

All right, fine. You weren’t really that concerned. You were actually overjoyed.

Still, Gosselin is a mom, like many of us, and she needs to support her kids. Which is why I am happy to find out that she has a new job: She is now a coupon blogger for the Web site CouponCabin.com.

CouponCabin.com announced the news in a press release that conveyed the Web site’s excitement over its new hire, who is “a longtime advocate of couponing.”

“Kate has embraced coupons her entire life,” said Jackie Warrick, president at CouponCabin.com, according to the press release. “We look forward to sharing the unique insight she has gained over the years.”

Added Gosselin: “No matter what your financial situation is, there’s no reason not to use coupons. It’s like free money in your pocket!”

The former reality star will begin her new job officially on Nov. 22, at which time she will blog about how to navigate Black Friday. Future topics, according to the press release, include how to stretch a budget for a large family and holiday shopping tips.

Chuckle heartily over this tidbit all you like, but I genuinely think this is great news for three reasons.

1. It keeps Gosselin’s kids off of television . . . at least for now.

As previously noted, a mom’s got to eat and she needs to make sure her children do, too. If she can do that by writing about the best way to save cash on detergent or action figures, what’s the harm? Of course, the CouponCabin.com blogging gig may not be enough to pay the bills. I mean, we can’t all engage in the mindblowingly lucrative work of blogging about celebrities and pop culture. (I just typed that sentence while gazing at my diamond-encrusted fingernails as they tappa-tapped on my keyboard, which is made out of genuine leather and features function keys ensconced in imported silk.) But even if this keeps her busy and semi-compensated for a while — and less focused on the new TV deal she said she wants earlier this week on “The View” — this is a good thing.

2. Her blog entries may provide fodder for Celebritology blog entries that compare Gosselin’s shopping tips to Gwyneth Paltrow’s shopping tips from Goop.

And the comments on those Celebritology posts will be so rich with gleeful sarcasm that they may incite a phenomenon scientists have long predicted: the Big Snark Bang. Sure, both the blogosphere and the universe may immediately combust as a result. But it will be worth it.

3. As a result of Gosselin’s new job, CouponCabin.com just got a lot more publicity.

And that’s super-exciting because, as Gosselin noted in the aforementioned press release, CouponCabin.com is the place where you can easily find the best deals on practically everything.

And there are two things we all need more of in these challenging times: great deals on practically everything and Kate Gosselin.